AvantGarde products comply with the philosophy of their inventor.

So exactly what is this philosophy?

Quite simply it is one of putting quality above all other considerations. But that is easier said than done and starts with attention to detail.

An example: In AvantGarde's workshop, every single transistor is tested and matched manually, which means considerable extra expense. 98% of the transistors tested do not come up to standard and are therefore not used!

Systematic elimination of capacitors

Bipolar transistors were only discovered recently. However, Fred Gassmann already uses this new technology. Their high speed favours a transparent sound. This is also a pleasantly warm sound, as there are only transistors and resistors in the circuit.

It is the principle of amplifiers and preamplifiers to avoid all capacitors which make the transistors sound hard. Each transistor has a capacitance which is compensated for by an ingeniously-devised circuit board layout and the matched components. The printed PC-board must be free of reflections up to 100MHz.

The sound of valve amplifiers stagnates with time. Yet that of transistor amplifiers is also subject to fluctuations because of the constant changes of parallel capaciters. This is not the case with Avant Garde, because no capacitors are used in the layout.

Loudspeakers as carriers of emotions

The loudspeakers of AvantGarde have also won much praise in Germany and France. The aim is to offer loudspeakers with an open sound that let you "feel the emotion" of the music. Consequently, no shortcuts are taken here either in terms of quality.

The bass driver is made of Kevlar, the lightest yet most rigid material. Any resonances arising are filtered out. This is again easier said than done. Stefan Wyss of AvantGarde has worked hard on this for three years . . . 

The speaker coming with 6 crossoverpositiond easy setting by jumpers. The perfect sound in every room is the result.


Roomfiling, warm, rich, deep, clear as a crystal. AvantGarde systems can be adjusted in details with our fine-tuning at your home, in your rooms.

FOUNDED IN1989 it took us only two years to get on the covers of the international trade press with our first compromiseless high end product. Since then best grades are standard.

BASIS OF SUCCESS : "I chose every component myself, Every single component is handmade and signed. We are running demanding tests on Your masterpiece before I testlisten each one personally . Our manufacture therefore only produces 150 components per year.

We offer continuing Upgradings so you are always up to date. In the center is your unconcerned listening pleasure."
Fred Gassmann

Or as editor Karl Breh of STEREOPLAY puts it : "I' m surprised how clear it can be herd, but the sounds coming out of the AVantGarde are much clearer. There is absolutely no colouring."


Fred Gassmann, for 40 years a passionate in the HiFi business.

He establishes his first HiFi shop. At that time he is already producing loudspeakers of a high quality.

Import and distribution of australian high-quality components.

Gassmann Akustik AG is being founded. Fred Gassmann (engineering) with his brother Adrian Gassmann (selling) and shareholders Daniel Peter (public relations) as well as Ralf Negele (electro-technician) are the founders of this enterprise. This team brings out several series of high-quality loudspeakers.

A new AvantGarde series is brought on the market in Germany. The critics are enthusiastic, especially about the power amplificator A1. The famous magazine "Stereoplay" emphasizes that they have never tested a better amplifier before. Also in France the reactions are full of superlatives.

AvantGarde amplifiers are powered on accu so that there is no pollution coming from the tension. This new technique gives the amplifier a warm and clear sound free from disturbing noises.

The first completely self developped integrated amplifier is commercialized. Despite the use of classical transformators it reaches the same level as the accu powered version but it costs less.

Fred Gassman develops a new, as unique as outstanding CD-player. Its innovation is its triangular shape and its suspension. 

All amplifiers can be ordered as mains isolatet versions.

All Amplifiers and Loudspeaker are produced with suspended SUB-CHASSIS