News 2019/20


A1 Amps with suspended Sub-chassis

Starting 2019 - all amps will be produced with suspended sub-chassis.

Ab Herbst 2019 werden alle A1-Verstärker mit gefederten Subchassis produziert. Erleben Sie die gesteigerte räumlich Abbildung, Präzision, Detailtreue und Wärme - unverwechselbarer und realitätsnaher Musikgenuss voller Emotionen bei Ihnen zu Hause.

Modular High-End Loudspeaker-Systems

Upgrade Chassis-Fixation

News 2016/17

A1 3000 HIGHEND DualMono Amp



A1 Power Supply Updates



We got the possibility to let produce our ovn power supply capacitors..They supply the double current compared to the best on market. The sound improvement is dramatically....We starting the production 2009 and offer updates 2010-2011 for all  A1  2,3-K and C1 mains isolatet versions.

Special Powercord XS as internal cables for all:
- Poweramplifiers A1
- Preampflifiers B1
- Integrated amps C1
Get an impressiv improvement of the full sound with your old power cord. The Price depends on the model. Please ask for the price.

Internal power supply with new prestressed capacitors. Additional we offer new damping factor addopted to your prefered loudspeakers for poweramplifiers A1 and integrated amplifiers C1. As result you will get a fuller sound over the whole bandwidth. Price depends on your loudspeakers. Please ask for the price.

New, we have special directional tinfoil capacitors in our programm. They can be prestressed and will be in production by 2008/2009. All loudspeakers will offer more open and smoother sound. Price on demand according to modell and productionyear.


Power XS
The new ultimative Power Cord with a special conductor and phase optimized running way.

First Bipolar
The ulitimative tweeter from Scan speak customized by AvantGarde. Sounds to the backside reduces the distortian and helps to optimize the phase.

A1 2000 Mainsinsolated 2,3 and 4 Channel
This Power Amplifiers use a additional Power Amplifier with a oszillator to have a own analogue mains.
Sounds excellent in every home cinema!

SUB Basic Monobass with one A2000
Rightly adjusted you can't here the bass, you' ll feel it...

2-Channel 90W/4Ohm
Only (width 22,5 cm/height 8,5 cm/depth 35 cm)
For Multiroom and Home Cinema! The A500 suprises with a neutral and charming sound. Quantity discounts!!


A1 (2channel) 
Power amplifier
mains isolated, 2003 

Integrated Amplifier
mains isolated, summer 2005

From June 2001: CD Space Basic

First II Center and Studietta II Center
Data same as standard model